Ruby - Wooden Watch

Ruby is crafted from Rose Wood and stainless steel. It has a high saturation of color and a natural glossy sheen. Due to the depth of tone, the typically straight grain is not easily made out, though it is fine and uniform in texture. It is water-resistant. The case diameter is 36mm. Glass is made of Sapphire, which is known in the luxury watch world as the definitive material for transparency and durability. It is colorless and optically clear. Mechanically, it is second only to diamond as the hardest and most scratch-resistant materials on earth. The thickness of the band is 18mm. It comes packaged in a premium R. Burnett Wooden Box and a link remover along with instructions to give you the perfect fit. 

Watch Specifications 
VD31 Battery Powered Movement (Quartz)
Tuning Fork Type: Quartz crystal
Frequency: 32,768 Hz
Accuracy: +/- 20 seconds /mo
Battery: silver oxide SR920SW(SEIZAIKEN)
Drive System: 2-pole stepping motor

Care Suggestions

Lemon or orange oil extract is best for cleaning the natural wood. When storing your timepieces, please avoid extremely hot, cold, and excessively dry/humid environments

Richard Burnett Jr

R. Burnett Brand was founded in late 2019 by Richard Burnett Jr, 25-year-old black male, entrepreneur, and active member of Next Generation Pioneers, a non-profit organization in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which is where he was born, a luxury watch company and lifestyle brand started as an idea acted on in faith and the support of his family, friends, and community. The birth of R. Burnett Brand happened abruptly. He was fired from his position a week after incorporating his company. That took a toll on him. It was a choice between sink in sorrow or swim for glory when God decided to subtract distractions from his life for optimal focus on His plans. Once R. Burnett Brand was established, Richard’s passion for watches grew rapidly and so did the support. His main focus began at the small details and displaying distinguishing quality in every aspect which ultimately got his brand featured in many notable magazines and platforms such as Visit Baton Rouge, BRProud, 225 Magazine, Baton Rouge’s Business Report, Baton Rouge Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce,, GQ, Tatler, and Hinton. As of 2022, R. Burnett Watches have made it to 43 out of 50 states in the United States of America and overseas numerous times. With that being said, R. Burnett Brand is more than a well-crafted watch, it's a lifestyle built on the principle of succeeding beyond measure and breaking through limitations, in style.


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